Character You’ll Meet on Your Where Next, Teddy? Adventure

Where Next, Teddy? is so much more than a simple bedtime story. It’s an adventure into the unknown, an exploration of all that the world has to offer, and a reminder that sometimes real life is more magical than our imaginations.

In the book, your little one will be invited to fly with the stars, dive into the sea and swing from the trees.

But first, it’s time to introduce the characters you’ll meet.

Mindful Moon

The moon dazzles and shines bright,
As you start your journey this beautiful night,
He smiles and nods as you play amongst the stars,
Asks that if you see him, say hello to his friend Mars.


Wendy the Whale

As you explore the great depths below,
A whale swims close to say hello,
But she can’t stop, on she must go.
She’s going to miss the Starfish Show.


Pleasant Pilot

You’ll see the pilot up in the sky,
He smiles and waves as he passes on by,
He cannot stop, he doesn’t mean to be rude,
But if he’s late, his wife will be in a mood.


Playful Penguin

You’ll meet the penguin, when it’s freezing and cold,
He’s very friendly and awfully bold,
It won’t be long ’til he asks you to play,
And you’ll wish that forever you will stay.


Polar Bear Pals

The polar bears are close, they sit in the snow,
They keep watch and enjoy the show,
They don’t pick a side, they cheer for all,
They just don’t want to be hit with a snowball.


Mischievous Monkeys

As you arrive in the Jungle you’ll be greeted with smiles
Three cheeky monkeys, that you can hear for miles
They swing in the trees, they have lots of fun
Playing loudly, bringing joy to everyone.


Timid Tiger

Deep into the jungle, there’s a tiger in the grass,
He’ll only pop his head out and peek as you pass.
He would love to come out, but he’s just too shy,
So he stays until you’ve walked on by.



Teddy is loyal, always by your side,
He’ll join you on that great big slide,
He’s takes you on a journey, every single night,
All he asks is you remember to hug him tight.


Little One (that’s you!)

Teddy is waiting, all tucked up in bed,
Looking forward to the adventures that lies ahead.
Quick, jump in to bed and close your eyes,
Get ready for your big surprise.